Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig 2011 Rewind


Visited Sonic Warriors United member Christian Bergmann [ 1979 • DJ-Frequen-C ] Checking out sounds from his side project "After White Smoke".

Later that evening headed over to Clock DVA very inspiring!

Dark Flower Club [ @DarkFlowerLE ]
was the place for our after hour tunes by
Dj Thedi [ @anstalt ] and DJ-Frequen-C top sets!

 Headed over to Anker @Schlagstrom showcase
walking through the door at Anker catching "Greyhound" banging it!

N.U. Unruh [ Einstuerzende Neubauten ] at Anker 
was a interactive performance that went in all kinds of directions

Refreshing sounds from @hybryds at Anker nice!

Dark Flower Club [ @sandiegomusic ] Haujobb video preview for 
"Dead Market" Directed by Boris May [ @klangstabil  ]

Marita Schreck at Werk 2 good stage presence and sonic fusion.

Esplendor Geometrico at Werk 2 full house for unique voice styling+pulsating sounds.

Mid-Night Special performance by 
Recoil [ @recoilofficial ] at Agra great tunes/video

 + surprise guest Douglas McCarthy [ @Nitzer_Ebb ]

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