If you need a mind blow...

...and you plan to visit Florida, then check out the new Dali museum in St. Petersburg on the west coast. Its architecture is breath taking and Dali`s world of surrealism fits perfectly in it.
I took my time there, to catch some different angles and perspectives...

Salvador Dali shows a lot of hidden subtle humor in his art, sometimes you need a closer look and spend a while in front of his paintings, pictures or objects to understand him. The last image shows a homage to Dali´s "Rainy Taxi" from 1939. Instead of the car protecting you from rain, you may need rain protection inside the car or better a diver suit.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that would be definitely a place for me to stop at! It indeed seems the architecture of the building corresponds perfectly with Dali's works.

I saw a Dali exhibition once in Shanghai which consisted mainly of drawings.
This also reminds me that there's a Dali exhibition here in Berlin, I haven't been there yet though.

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