Ready to rock the grid at ZAIN AFTER HOURS!

ZAIN AFTER HOURS is on! 12 hours of the best music with 6 great [RL] Djs and Producers. Come and enjoy a very special event, it's live, it's fun and it's from 3PM-3AM and of course it's dished out in the cool atmosphere of CLUB ZAIN!

[SLT] - Mb One Pizzaro

[SLT] - Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul

[SLT] - Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect


[SLT] - ideal flow

[SLT] - Royko Menendez

Second Life Teleport • World Wide Live Stream

*Two members of our Sonic Warriors United project have been add to this lineup. Come out, tune in and support the fusion.

[SLT ~ Second Life Time = California, USA, Time Zone. Time converter for 3pm start time in your country]

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