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Esplendor Geometrico is a Spanish industrial band, who was formed by Arturo Lanz,Gabriel Riaza an Juan Carlos Sastre beginning of the 1980's.

I discovered at Maschinenfest in Essen October 2009, that Esplendor Geometrico has a new album out. I felt the track " Japo" creeping on me when it got played and I knew right away this song is special and will give me also in the future the shiver. Another favorite of mine is "AplicaciĆ³n Insospechada".

"PulsiĆ³n is pure Industrial hypnosis based on the electronic
manipulation of sounds together with irresistible rhythms, repetitive,
machine-like, industrial, hypnotic, sometimes tribal, sometimes
danceable, that mix up with voices and chants."


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Anonymous said...

There is an uncompromising and pure quality to this album that I also enjoy a lot. Music like that makes me feel like stepping out of society and looking back to it from an undefinable and detached point of view, just somewhere outside.

Although it is quite powerful and in-your-face music, the hypnotic character gives it a sort of "deepness" that I found remarkable when we attended their live performance. That's nothing I would actually associate with this genre of music in the first place but somehow it's working very well this way.

If something still deserves to have the term "underground" attached to it, it has to be something like this.

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